Stationary battery

We provide solutions for stationary applications (electrical energy storage). The new storage technologies based on Lithium-Ion batteries are designed to be operational for many years maintenance free.

The low weight is an asset for UPS application because of weight constraints authorized by technical floors. In general, small footprint allow positioning batteries next to end equipment.

Stationary batteries are typically based on lithium-Ferro-Phosphate, due to their long life.
For more information about Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, you can read articles on this technology.

We design battery banks for housing (self-sufficient home) and low energy buildings for energy storage. Systems can reach several hundred kilowatts, depending on the application.

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LFP 48V telecom battery

Telecom Li-Ion battery
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Datacenter LifePo4 LFP UPS

UPS systems for critical environments and Datacenter
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19 inches LFP battery rack

96V-230KWh storage rack
[/one_third] [column_break] [content_box style=”teal-grey” title=”See : PowerRack product line”] 19 inches Lithium-Ion battery system - PowerRack
19 inches Lithium-Ion battery system - PowerRack

PowerRack is a 100% modular, 19 inches Lithium-Ion battery system.
BMSMatrix® embedded system : this technology embeds PowerRack intelligence providing an incredible modularity and scalability to the system: PowerRack can manage ESS as small as 2.5kWh-48V, but can easily scale up to some large ESS of more than 1MWh-1000V. More about PowerRack…
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