Portable power supply batteries

Portable power supply battery can provide an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for all types of electrical equipment.

These auxiliary batteries can be used on construction sites, at gatherings or more generally for non grid-connected locations (outdoor fair, camp site, off-grid sites, etc..). These solutions help to overcome thermal generators and operate without noise. The use of lithium-ion batteries for these autonomous energy sources allows great flexibility of use and optimum operation in all environments. Electric converter can be integrated in the system to produce 110-220V AC and power supply electrical appliances.


portable APU 230V 110V-220V 1000W-1.28kWh

110V-220V standalone APU
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Lithium UPS APU trailer

65KWh Li-ion APU trailer
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Portable batteries

These medium batteries supply power to portable electric tools for job-site. As standalone suitcases or portable enclosures, autonomy and power can be adapted to each type of need. Sealed boxes meeting strict standards allow the use of these supplies in critical environments (Military, Medical, industries, etc.).

[one_half] pelicase lithium battery for job site

Pelicase battery wallet
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portable APU 230V 110V-220V 500W-0.65kWh

500W-0.65kWh Portable AC power supply with Lithium battery
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