Solar and Wind Off Grid systems

PV Solar panel for solar off-grid and tied-grid systems

The batteries used to store solar and wind energy are currently mainly lead-acid batteries. Short lifespan and low cycle number of lead acid batteries make it a weak candidate for environment and cost efficiency.

Lithium-Ion batteries allow to equip solar or wind “off-grid” power stations, replacing the legacy banks of lead-acid batteries.

Benefits :

  • A lifetime (number of cycles) well above the lead-acid batteries (over 1500 cycles at 90% depth of discharge)
  • Footprint and weights 2-3 times lower than lead-acid
  • No maintenance required
  • Compatibility with installed equipment (charge controllers, AC converters, etc.) by using advanced BMS
  • Green solutions (non-toxic chemistries, recyclable batteries)

We offer “modular” solutions to meet all types of applications (voltage, capacity, footprint). The implementation of these batteries is simple and fast, and takes place of legacy battery banks.

[one_third] Lithium Iron Phosphate rack module

5KWh LiFePo4 rack module
[/one_third] [one_third] PowerBrick 12V LifePo4

Modular battery system
[/one_third] [one_third] Rack Off-Grid LifePo4

10KWh Off-Grid battery rack mounted
[/one_third] [column_break] [content_box style=”teal-grey” title=”see : PowerRack product line”] 19 inches Lithium-Ion battery system - PowerRack
19 inches Lithium-Ion battery system - PowerRack

PowerRack is a 100% modular, 19 inches Lithium-Ion battery system.
BMSMatrix® embedded system : this technology embeds PowerRack intelligence providing an incredible modularity and scalability to the system: PowerRack can manage ESS as small as 2.5kWh-48V, but can easily scale up to some large ESS of more than 1MWh-1000V. More about PowerRack…
[/content_box] [content_box style=”teal-grey” title=”see : PowerModule Product line”] PowerModule : Scalable Lithium-ion system for traction and industrial applications
PowerModule : Scalable Lithium-ion system for traction and marineapplications

PowerModule system is an advanced energy solution for traction applications requiring high capacity and/or high voltage (up to 700 volts). The PowerModules can be connected in series or parallel to increase capacity or voltage. Up to 255 modules can be assembled in a single system. More about PowerModule…
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