[two_thirds] Modular lithium battery pack - PowerModule - Lithium Iron Phosphate LifePo4 - by PowerTech Systems
PowerModule by PowerTech Systems

PowerModule batteries are advanced energy solutions for traction applications requiring high capacity and/or high voltage (up to 700 volts). The modules can be connected in series or parallel to increase capacity or voltage. Up to 255 modules can be assembled in series or parallel. Systems have two levels of security to ensure optimal level of operation : each module embeds a slave BMS and an external BMS is dedicated to module management.

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Download PowerModule Specifications
Download PowerModule Specifications

Each 12V Lithium-ion module has a built-in BMS that monitors operating conditions (temperature, over voltage, under voltage, etc..). An external BMS ensures optimal operation by a real-time monitoring of each module (up to 255).

PowerModule® batteries embeds Lithium Iron Phosphate cylindrical cells (LiFePO4) that offers a high level of safety and long lifespan. PowerModule® solutions advantageously replace Lead acid solutions for many applications (Electric vehicles, off-grid or micro-grid systems, energy storage, etc.).

PowerModule® batteries are ideal solutions for advanced energy systems requiring high voltage or capacity. This lightweight, flexible and scalable system greatly simplify deployment and operation.

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  • Serial assembly range from 12V to 700V
  • Parallel assembly up to 10P
  • Up to 255 modules per system
  • 12V battery module – Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4)
  • Minimum 1500 cycles at 90% DOD (0.5C)
  • Built-in BMS (Temperature, current, voltage, SOC, SOH) for each module
  • External BMS for module monitoring
  • External communication CAN bus 2.b or RS485
  • Robust design in an isolated / waterproof sealed case (IP 66)
  • Operating temperature in charge : 0°C à +55°C
  • Operating temperature in discharge: -15°C à +60°C
  • RoHS et UN38.3 certification
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Installation :

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Software Monitoring :

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Endurance Cycle Test :


Application Examples :

ApplicationProductAssemblyDimensionsWeight (+/- 2%)
Standalone device 12V 330Ah pack (4.2KWh)PowerModule® 1101S3P26cmx17.2cmx22.5cm12.8Kg
Industry vehicle 48V 220Ah traction pack (11.2KWh)PowerModule® 1104S2P52cmx68.8.4cmx22.5cm125.6Kg
Mini-van 96V 330Ah traction pack (34KWh)PowerModule® 1108S3P104cmx103cmx22.5cm376.8Kg
Off-Grid 48V 1100Ah solar battery (56KWh)PowerModule® 1104S10P130cmx137cmx22.5cm628Kg

Application Examples – Pictures :

Technical details :

SpecificationPowerModule® 110
Nominal voltage12.8V
Nominal capacity (C/5, 23°C)110Ah (1.408KWh)
Weight (+/- 2%)15.7Kg
Dimensions (LxlxH)
Connector type
M8 x 1.25
Specific energy90 Wh/Kg
Energy density141 Wh/l
Max continuous load current (23°C)
Peak load current (30s)
Cut-off voltage (BMS)
Max charge voltage (CCV)14.6V
Float charge13.8V
Standard charge current50A (0.5C)
DC internal resistance6 mOhm

Dimensions :


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