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Speed week Bonneville

Electric streamliner powered by a Lithium Ion battery from PowerTech Systems!

21 French engineers students in aeronautics of the Estaca group have a dream ! They wanted to participate in the 2017 Bonneville Speed week with an atypical vehicle… An electric streamliner! And they did it! November, 2017 Once upon a time, an electric streamliner… An ambitious project of 7m length which provoked deep reactions, increasing […]

Lithium Ion battery for ESTACA On The Salt is ready !

June, 2017 This high performance Lithium ion iron Phosphate LiFe (LiFePO4) battery is designed by the PowerTech Systems teams. This lithium ion battery is able to deliver 250kW during the race in order to beat the speed record of the Bonneville Speed Week (USA) in August 2017. Good luck guys for the final race ! […]

Lithium Ion batteries for a 400km/h speed record !

October, 2016 PowerTech Systems is glad to be a part of ESTACA Engineering School speed record project: Estaca On The Salt ! Speed Record The goal ? Building a 100% electric car capable to beat the World record of 343Km/h (213.084 MpH), and, why not, to exceed 400km/h. PowerTech Systems will design a lightweight battery […]